The qaptaQ Doctrine

The qaptaQ believe that, while there are non warrior tlhInganmey by profession, all tlhInganmey are warriors by birth. The greatest battle of all is the game Klin Zha, which is life itself. When one speaks of the warrior spirit they are speaking of that force which drives all tlhInganmey forward in life.

The tlhInganmey of old lived a life much like other ancient cultures, with many religions present among the primitive homeworld. The gods created all that is known, however they continued to rule in a cruel and petty manner that caused the TlhIngan race to waste valuable resources. Most if not all of these religions depended on paying large tributes of resources to the gods and often to the Priests who lived in the temples and acted as intermediaries of the Gods. This waste of resources prevented the tlhIngan race from realizing their Manifest Destiny.

One scholar, the first to take the title of qaptaQ, began looking for a way to change things. He knew that the tlhInganmey were a strong race, and could achieve anything if they were allowed to. He began to assemble a large collection of sacred writings, from all the religions. He did this by contacting leaders and offering a trade, for a copy of their most sacred book, he would grant access to all the other books he accumulated. This was likely the first attempt at such a library.

This library was assembled for his own purposes however. He was looking for the key to open a pathway to where the gods lived. He knew that he must battle the gods for the rights of the tlhIngan race. After several years of research he located what are known as the twin secrets. This knowledge allowed his to go to the dwelling place of the gods and do battle with them. The prize of this battle was the release of the tlhIngan race from servitude.

The qaptaQ believes that the Ancient Uncaring Ones were vanquished in honorable combat but not killed. The one who fought this epic battle then founded the qaptaQ as guardians of the twin secrets of how he accomplished this and how the Ancient Uncaring Ones are prevented from further interference.

Once the battle was over, and he returned, a weary but living warrior, he established the Order that would bear the name qaptaQ. He also established the position of meycha, which he gave to the first of the clerics to come to him and stand by his sides as heralds of our manifest destiny. The meycha were heirs to the twin secrets and the keys to the gates, that if opened would permit the gods to interfere with the tlhIngan race once more.

This epic battle was fought many years before we became star faring, many years before the reign of Emperor Kahless, and many years before the invasion of the Hurq/Karsid/Old Kings. The central belief of the qaptaQ is that it is the Manifest Destiny of the tlhIngan Race to expand outward and control all that is known.

The qaptaQ believe that the Manifest Destiny of the TlhIngan Race is to expand into and rule over all known space. This is seen as the true meaning of "Nal Komerex Khesterex" That which does not grow withers and dies.