Even as some songs are written to convey certain ideas, or emotions in a vivid and imaginative way, this intense song, is central to our identity and actions as an order. This song tells the saga of the great battle that lead to the founding of our Most Ancient and Honorable Order, in the words of the warrior who vanquished the Ancient Uncarring Ones.

The Song of the First qaptaQ

Behold - I bear witness that this sunrise is the dawn of the ascension of our race.

The times of Darkness have ended.

For the work, which I have wrought by mine own force of will,
now stands as a signal to the rise of our race.

I have journeyed to the places of the Ancient Uncaring Ones
and I have done battle therein,

I have returned victorious from those places
and I know the twin secrets of the numbers of the paths and the keys there unto.

Let those who would set foot upon those paths without complete knowledge of the twin secrets
know of the terrors, which have been visited upon me inthe name of our noble race.

Let them also be denied the kinship of our people,
without which the depredations of the Ancient Uncaring Ones may not be resisted.

For the Ancient Uncaring Ones are mighty and flesh is transient,
passing beneath the least of the them as the least of the creatures passes beneath the notice of the thlInganmey.

For ages uncounted our ancestors have lived beneath the notice of the ancient uncaring ones.

Now a champion has risen among and from them.

I have compelled the Ancient Uncaring Ones to take notice of us and our race.

I have rested from the Ancient Uncaring Ones the names known only to themselves
and these names are as the paths between this place and the places wherein they dwell.

With the twin secrets I have barred the Ancient Uncaring Ones reentry
from the realms of the pantheon into this world.

This I have done so that the activities of the Ancient Uncaring Ones shall not trespass into our lives.

For long have we toiled under the influence of the Ancient Uncaring Ones.

Know that the seals which I have erected shall not stand for the unwary or the unknowing.

To this end I declare the founding of the qaptaQ,
who shall forever stand as the heirs and keepers of the twin secrets.

I have thwarted the will of the Ancient Uncaring Ones.

Let those who are wise heed my words:

That each path has a key,
That each key is like unto one of the secret names,
That each path leads to many places,
And that each place may be reached by many paths.

Here ends the Song of the First qaptaQ.
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