Links of Importance to all tlhInganmey

Memorial Interest
The IKV Kahless's Revenge This proud vesel became known to us after it was too late. Yet even in our lack of knowing these fine warriors personally, we still honor them by directing attention to their website. This reminds us about the true priorities, known to those who follow the Honor Road.

Historical Interest
The Original qaptaQ Home Page This was our first foray onto the World Wide Web. Because we were one of the first tlhIngan clubs to maintain such a presence on the internet, we have chosen to keep it intact for historical purposes. It harkens back to a time when in cyberspace very few could hear you scream.

Scholarly Interest
The Klingon F.A.Q. A scholarly work devoted to locating and listing as many tlhIngan organizations as there are out there. The steward of this list does us all a great honor by cataloging this our most glorious empire. A momentous task indeed.

The Klingon Language Institute
Without these noble scholars, our honored mother tounge would not have reached the high levels it has. The K.L.I. are truly the deans of the Imperial Dialect. This is the place to go if you wish to learn to speak tlhIngan Hol.

Klingon Imperial Brewers and Bartenders Guild As tlhInganmey' drink a wide variety of various alcoholic beverages, The KIBG is for brewers of all alcoholic beverages, including beers, wines, and meads; and for bartenders who enjoy mixing and serving good drink! We strive to perfect our art, and seek to promote Klingon culture by promoting Klingon drink.

Community Interest
The Klingon Imperial Forums This is one of the best places to see and be seen in Klindom. Open discussions about anything and everything tlhIngan. Many of our members are active on these forums.

The Empire Forums
Although these forums are more specifically club based, they have proven a good place to meet with our brother warriors. Many of our members are also active on these forums.

Tactical Interest
I.K.V. Melota This is a proud ship of the fleet, who's crew has proven honorable in dealings with the Order. They are very active within fandom, and host many interesting events.

Mailing Lists
Klingon Costumes Here you will find many helpful sources for nformation on making and/or buying your Klingon uniform and accessories.

Klingon Feast Guild
Klingons are known far and wide for their wonderful food and drink. ghaq is best eaten when it is alive after all.

Klingon Music Guild
Klingons Opera is not the only kind of music we listen too. There are marshal marches, hour long drum solos and of course the pipes of war.