Membership is open to all interested adults. We have compiled a few common questions which may help you decide if the qaptaQ is the right organization for you.

Are all members required to have a tlhIngan uniform?
No, a uniform is not required for membership. However a uniform is required for promotion to most ranks within the Order. At some events seating areas are reserved for uniformed members only.

Is the qaptaQ a Religion?
The qaptaQ portrays a fictional tlhIngan spiritual fraternal order, but is not in any way a real religion or religious order for real humans. In the sense that we explore the spiritual and cultural life of the tlhIngan race the order does have some religious qualities, however we strongly feel that actual religious issues are best left out of fandom.

Why is membership limited to adults?
Due to the social aspects of tlhIngan fandom and the nature of some events that the qaptaQ participate in, we only extend actual membership to adults. Some events have different age requirements and in those cases youth participation is strictly at the discretion of the individual member/parent. We see it as unfair to allow youth members and then restrict their membership afterward.

How much does membership cost?
Membership in the qaptaQ is free. However tlhIngan fandom can be an expensive activity. While there is no fee charged by the organization, all personal expenses are the responsibility of the individual member. These can include uniforms (including make up & prosthetics), uniform accessories (including weapons & props), travel, food & lodging as well as convention/event attendance.

What charities does the Order support?
While supporting the charity of ones choice is a noble effort, we do not support any charity or charitable goal as an organization. We feel that such personal decisions as what charity to support, how much to give or even to give or not to give, is best left up to the individual member. We also see the very concept charity as being foreign to the tlhIngan way.

How often do you meet?
As an organization we do not hold many formal meetings. Each of us have many varied time commitments which make this difficult. We focus our time together as an organization on attending events like conventions or conducting specific ceremonial events. We also encourage members to communicate with each other through multiple methods.

Are there members who do not portray warriors?
Being a warrior is more than being a soldier. Following the way of the warrior is integral to being a tlhIngan. Conflict is present in all aspects of tlhIngan life. The natural order of tlhIngan society is that of a warrior culture. Therefore all tlhInganpu’ are warriors, whether or not they are combatants, to do or act otherwise would be contrary to that natural order.

How do new members join the qaptaQ?
It is beneficial but not required for those interested in joining to attend one of our ceremonies. We have no formal application, however membership requests can be sent via E-Mail to We use this method because it is better for members to correspond with each other, than to simply list demographic information on a generic form.