tlhIngan Proverbs

vIt is better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.

vWhen you are the anvil, be patient. When you are the hammer, strike. The hammer shatters glass but forges                                   steel.

vThe surest way to defeat your enemy is to become his friend.

vIn battle, the weak die along the way, but the cowards never start.

vGlory is like a circle in the water which never ceases to enlarge itself, and so by broad spreading disperses to naught. A true warrior never seeks glory. Glory always finds him.

vLeave not a stain on your honor, for what is left when honor is lost.

vAlways assume that the other player is an enemy, and that the next move is a trap.

vWhat is here, solid, touched is never enough to contain the whole of life, The heart always beats stronger than the body which contains it.

vTo expect your enemies to follow the same code of honor defiles that honor, reducing it to a set of arbitrary rules.

vNal Komerex, Khesterex: That which does not grow withers and dies.

vIt is better to have a known enemy than a forced alley.

vThere are many roads to Sto-Vor-Kor but only one path.

vKnow that all things done before the naked stars are remembered.

vThe greatest glory consists not in never dying, but is rising when we fall. Should you fall down seven times, be sure to arise eight times.

vEvery day is a good day to die.

vThe heart has reason which reason does not know.

vAction without study is fatal. Study without action is futile.

vWill yourself to stand ready and courageous on the battlefield. In this way, all that is difficult or dangerous will be yours.

vMere life is not victory; Mere death is not defeat.

vClimb high, climb far, your goal the sky, your aim, the naked stars.

vThe more comfort, the less courage there is.

vForgiveness is the champion of a weak heart, forgiveness disallows the experience of anger, the coldness of hatred, the wilding of spirits.

vOnly a fool fights in a burning house.

vWith thousands of years as examples behind us we have no excuse, when fighting, for not fighting well.

vThe weak enslave themselves.

vNever interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

vA military without culture is a dull-witted force, and a dull-witted force cannot defeat the enemy.

vWhen a show of teeth is not enough, then bite - but bite deep.

vTrust is the most valuable honor you will ever earn.

vIt is not enough to destroy your enemies. You must understand them as well.

vWin with ability, not numbers.

vExperience is not gained by sitting still and letting things happen around you. Experience is gained by directly facing what happens to you and reacting wisely when it does.

vTo accomplish great things one must not only act, but dream.

vJustice belongs to the strong.

vIt matters not that I survive, only that which I defend. Forfeit of life, but not of honor.

vWhat makes honor virtuous is sticking to its tenets while your enemies defy them.

vLife is what we sieze for ourselves and our empire. It always has been about the strength, It always will be about the prize.

vNow, children, the game begins anew. To the Komerex zha and all the players in it.

vTo have good warriors, an Empire must always be at war.

vKai Kassai.

vIf it is in your way, knock it down.

vBeyond contempt is the willing slave, for he deserves his destiny.

vThose who pass up victory, invite defeat.

vFull of pride is the warrior who has killed all his enemies; empty of purpose is the warrior whose enemies are all dead.

vIt is war's prize to take all advantages.

vA true warrior is always at war; a true pacifist is never at peace.

vThe end of the time of small countries draws near, The age of the empire is at hand.

vHe, who kills without reason, lives without reason. He who lives without reason, lives without honor. He who lives without honor, dies without honor.

vWhen the enemy is driven back, we have failed. When he is cut off, encircled and dispersed, we have succeeded.

vThe most dangerous moment comes with victory.

vLook only upon the shadows from the corners of your eyes, for if the one sees the Shadowheart it is the day of the ones own death.

vTo rid yourself of an enemy, outlive him.

vAccustom yourself to tireless activity.

vRevenge is a dish best served cold.

vUnder a good commander, there are no bad warriors.

vFour thousand throats may be cut in a single night, by a running man.

vHeroes are made by the times.

vIf you shine my nose, I will hand you yours.

vKill not for financial or material gain, but only for honor.

vOne minute can decide the outcome of the battle, One hour the outcome of the campaign, and one day the fate of the Empire.

vEat not the flesh, nor drink the blood of those capable of using language.

vHe that is struck blind cannot forget the precious treasure of his eyesight lost.

vTomorrow’s battle is won during today’s practice.

vWhen faith is lost, when honor dies, the one is dead.

vIt is not death or pain that is to be dreaded, but the fear of pain or death.

vThe world itself stands aside to let pass the warrior who knows his path is the path of the komerex.

vHonor and glory are prime, death before dishonor. 

vA warrior who dies fighting, with his honor intact, dies in glory.

vThere is only one kind of wound that is to be feared, and that is when the mind is wounded by giving consent to dishonor.

vIt is better not to have done what you do not want others to know that you have done.

vPrepare for your advance to be blocked, but adapt quickly when it is not, waste no time on outdated tactics that could be spent fighting the battle ahead.

vAn honorable death requires no vengeance.

vLet the fine deeds of the ancestor be observed by his children and grandchildren and let the virtue of the     forebear reward his offspring with a good life.

vTo know your enemy is to defeat him before you have faced him.