Hall of the Warriors Fire
Such as it is that we are gathered here today among our fellow warriors. The brotherhood, which is being tlhIngan, stands strong in this place. This place, which we call the Hall of the Warriors Fire, is more than a literal place, more than a tangible thing it is a tradition. Since the dawning of the tlhIngan age it has been said that when many are gathered together they shall indeed meet as one and share that common bond which unites them in noble purpose. Having met they shall speak of what has been and what is yet to be. Each of us looking inward yet never loosing sight of what must be done. It is that very sight of what must be done which leads us to our first order of business the closing of the battle.

It is only in a hall such as this that such interjections as this may be made.  It is also only in a hall such as this that we can expect to be greeted under such circumstances as those that cause us to come forward as warriors and gather together today. Let the fires burn as bright as ever they have and let the songs fill the air with a thunderous roar for we are tlhInganpu’ and we have claimed this place. We will not leave until all that is to be done has been done. RETURN
The qaptaQ Manifesto
We the meycha of the Most Ancient Order of the Knights of the qaptaQ, Standing as a forged link in the eternal chain of the Manifest destiny of this our most glorious tlhIngan race, Do hereby proclaim in a loud voice the Manifesto of our Order

For too long we have remained silent, Surfacing only briefly before disappearing once more. Yet in obscurity guiding the very course of destiny. Now comes upon our Order a new age

We must heed the sound of the great horns calling us to battle.

We stand here and now as the one true guardian of our noble heritage. We must put an end to the exploitation and outright lies that have been portrayed as tlhIngan by the enemies of our race. This new age will be an age of tlhInganmey, by tlhInganmey and for tlhInganmey. Behold not the dawning of a new way but a return to the old ways

The seeds of honor were planted long ago, The time of the harvest is upon us. The bitter weeds, which have over grown this battlefield, will serve to feed the long neglected dogs of war. Now, as the time is right, We open our doors to thlike minded individuals and welcome them into the brotherhood, which is our order.

It should be noted that the act of the solemn initiation Often produces a change of thought in the individual that could only be seen as an improvement. The training of the Knight requires A great deal of devotion to education
As well as the art of war

All initiations are completed in the spirit of nobility of purpose.
We do not sell honorariums of any kind. For to do such would be contrary to our purposes.

We are not interested in gathering a corps of followers; such individuals are not e lifeblood of our glorious race. We are the heralds of the return to the once and future greatness That is being tlhIngan.

Unfortunately we have witnessed, The profanation and perversion of all things tlhIngan. The deliberate desecration of our noble heritage and the exploitation of our brothers under the banner of the tlhIngan race.

We shall stand to put an end to Such degradations as have been seen and as shall be yet uncovered. Let this our most glorious race Be restored to its rightful place in the universe.

The manifest destiny of the tlhIngan people is not a forgotten dream but a reality that shall be brought forth for all to see. All honor and glory shall both emanate from and magnify towards this destiny. RETURN
Brother Warriors
Brother Warriors, could this simple greeting used for generations now mean less than it once did? Are we still warriors? Does our blood boil they way it did in years past? I ask these questions not to be insulting but to inspire a soul search of sorts.

In the days before the great lie our people were the scourge of the universe. We fought for honor, glory and the Empire. We were so close to taking over the humans and their weak federation. But when the terra’nganmey used the disaster at Praxis to intrude into the affairs of the Empire, our own leaders gave in to the terra’ngan weakness of peace. Sadly that has made us grow stagnant as warriors. Some of our greatest soldiers were left to sit in taverns drinking too much and singing the songs of glory almost forgotten.

Well now, the great lie has been seen for what it was. Our blood once more boils with the warrior’s fire. Will we let our hearts lead us onward to glory or will we quench those fires with bloodwine and retreat into obscurity. We have lived like livestock for so long that some of our brethren have forgotten what it means to be tlhIngan. They have forgotten what it feels like to kill ones enemies in battle.

Once not so long ago our Empire grew larger each day, now it sits still. Have we become what we feared most? Have we become Khesterex? I say we have not. I say that there is still a chance to reclaim what was taken from us. I say we must make up for lost time.

Each of us needs to meditate on one question, is the empire we live in now the empire we once knew? If the answer is no than there is no chance for us as a race. If the answer is yes than I call now for all tlhInganmey to cry out and let loose the dogs of war. Kai Kasai my brothers. RETURN