A tract is a tool that is to the point, relevant, and arrests our attention. A tract is strategically crafted to encourage the study of beliefs, concerns, history and practice about who we are and what we value; and, when the times required, refutations of unsound doctrines. As a whole they raise questions that will, and should, provoke thoughtful debate. Tracts are a stepping stone to getting informed.

tlhInganpu’ & the Golden Rule
Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. What an utterly human concept, right? What does this have to do with being a tlhIngan? It has everything to do with being a tlhIngan. What the terrangan have for generations called the golden rule is at once both completely terran and inherently tlhIngan.

The Parable of The Armor
In the days of the Fourth Great Line War, there were many warriors assigned to watch for enemy progression. One had been in the service of the empire for many years and many thought he would soon rise very high in tlhIngan Society. He, himself did not think he was bound for such glory, he felt that his assignment to a remote outpost was a sign that he was no longer wanted within the Empire. As he had done every day for the past six years he looked into his locker and saw his armor. There was certainly nothing that inspired fear in ones enemies quite as much the battle armor of a tlhIngan Warrior. The armor was heavy and big and imposing, well built but uncomfortable outside of battle, and had been given to him at his last promotion, and as such lacked the scars of seasoned armor. To many, the armor was a symbol of being tlhIngan. To himself he thought that all should know him as a tlhIngan regardless of what he wore. Why even wear it today? He knew he was tlhIngan, and so should his enemies.

The Sacred Quest
All tlhInganmey are bound by nature as revealed to tlhInganmey many centuries ago in the words "Nal komerex khesterex" these same words are learned by every tlhIngan child as soon as they learn language. It is this eternal nature that makes us what we are. Being that all tlhInganmey are constantly growing and changing, all tlhInganmey can be said to be constantly seeking more than they have. After a tlhIngan has realized he is a seeker the one must embrace the concept of the noble quest.  READ FULL TEXT

The targh Herder
A warrior of old was training targhmey for the ring. One day, someone who wished to purchase a targh  approached him. The customer pointed to a targh and said, “I would like to buy that one.” The warrior said, “I will not sell that one, as he is not ready to be sold.  READ FULL TEXT

What is a Leaf Eater?
flansopra, an insult below all others a tlhIngan can be called. But what exactly is a flansopra? A Vulcan? The common meaning of the word flansopra is leaf eater, meaning to most a vegetarian or herbivore. Are all flansopra Vulcans or are all Vulcans flansopra? Vulcans as distasteful as it seems are beings capable of using language, they are not a servitor race as a whole, although a large number choose to be tharavul. The Vulcan race has forsaken its proud warrior heritage and become flansopra but what makes them flansopra?  READ FULL TEXT

The Wild Targh
Two opposing forces fought against each other for many days, each one gaining then loosing much territory. One Warlord, who realized that the forces were too evenly matched, knew that victory would be a matter of tactics and not of numbers or brute force. The Warlord spoke of the danger of stagnancy that came with such a prolonged battle and the need to end this battle and move on to win the war. The Warlord then told them of the need for better tactics. The Warlord asked his leaders. Do we wish to continue fighting until the war has passed us by? Do we wish to remain locked in a stagnant battle until we die alongside our enemies of old age?  No, he said, we need to be devoted to our cause, like the wild targh.

Kahless te kasse
Why it is that qeylIS is called Unforgettable while molor is called the Tyrant? It is in fact quite obvious that molor is at least as unforgettable as qeylIS. The story of qeylIS could not, after all, be told without molor. Now if both molor and qeylIS are unforgettable then is it not also true that both qeylIS and molor are tyrants?  READ FULL TEXT

The Ancient Uncaring Ones
We have spoken of the great battle and how it has saved the tlhInganpu’ from eternal darkness, but know you now, that as sure as I know myself I also know the true nature of the ancient uncaring ones. Those of QI'tu' do not exist to be enslaved, they do not exist to be disrespected. They are what they are and we are what we are. The ancient uncaring ones have been barred from interfering with our affairs as we have been of theirs. I have seen in the sacred texts the proof of that nature and only by what I have read, am I not afraid of them.  READ FULL TEXT

The Circle of Life
"Fill the empty glasses, empty the full glasses. For such is the circle of life" In the days when I was first being educated in the ways of our most noble tlhIngan race, I often thought of these words as useless. I often thought of them as the pointless words of an old drunkard who had failed to die in battle. To think that all life revolved around drinking was, to me at least, ludicrous.